Aesti® Electric Griddle with Removable Temperature Control

"Thank you Aesti® for an electric skillet that adds joy and pleasure to my cooking every day!"

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From sunrise to sunset - Aesti® Electric Griddle is your culinary ally!


COMPACT COOKING SURFACE: The 9.8 x 15.7 inch indoor grill surface easily fits into smaller spaces while still providing ample cooking area.

WARM TO SEAR: Adjustable temperature control from 200-420°F allows for versatile cooking for simply warming foods, frying breakfast favorites, or cooking meat.

HEALTHIER MEAL MAKING: Cook healthier meals with the drip tray to collect excess oil and grease plus the non-stick electric grill surface reduces the need for added cooking oils.

EASY CLEANING: The griddle grill cook top is fully immersible and dishwasher safe - simply remove the temperature control prior to washing.

CONVENTIENT COUNTERTOP COOKING: Quickly and conveniently add cooking space to your kitchen for large family dinners or holiday gatherings.

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