FishMaster®Carbon Fishing Rod

"Having fished all my life, I can confidently say that the FishMaster is one of the best rods in my collection. A great choice for professionals."

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FishMaster® Fishing Rod - the first step to a great catch!

  • Material: Carbon
  • Length: 2.4m
  • Rod Classification: Spinning
  • Rod Length: 10 mm
  • Fishing Location: Ocean Rock Fishing, River Fishing, Lake Fishing
  • Length after shrinkage: 10 mm
  • Fishing Rod Tone: Hard Fishing
  • Number of sections: 7 sections.

Discover the excellence of modern spinning with the FishMaster® Carbon Fishing Rod. This rod is assembled from high quality carbon fiber for ultra-light weight and superior durability, allowing you to feel even the lightest of nibbles.

With the FishMaster® Carbon Fishing Rod, every fishing trip becomes an exciting and comfortable adventure. You will truly appreciate the pleasure of fishing with reliable and quality equipment from FishMaster®.



Lightness and Strength:
Carbon rods are generally lighter than their counterparts made of other materials, which makes them easier to transport and reduces angler fatigue during long fishing trips. Carbon is a very strong material that can withstand heavy loads, making carbon rods ideal for fishing for big fish.
Thanks to their high degree of stiffness, carbon rods offer excellent sensitivity, allowing the angler to feel even the faintest of nibbles.
Carbon rods have excellent durability and can last for years with proper care.
These rods can be used for a variety of fishing styles, including spinning, trolling, bait fishing and more.

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Customer ratings by feature

С: What material is the rod made of?

Answer: The rod is made of carbon fiber (carbon).

С: What is the total length of the rod?

Answer: The total length of the rod is 2.4 meters.

С: What classification does the rod belong to?

Answer: The rod belongs to the "Spinning" classification.

С: Where can this rod be used for fishing?

A: The rod can be used for fishing in a variety of locations including ocean rock fishing, river fishing and lake fishing.

С: What is the tone of the rod?

Answer: The rod has a hard tone ("Hard Fishing").

С: How many sections are in the rod?

Answer: The rod has 7 sections.

С: Is this rod suitable for big fish fishing?

Answer: The rod has a stiff tone, which may be suitable for big fish fishing

С: What is the diameter of the sections of the rod?

Answer: 10 mm

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