Aesti®Mountaineering travel depth waterproof watch

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[function] 1 LED light, 2 thermometer, 3 compass, 4 survival whistle, 5 card pick-up needle, 6 lighter, 7 scraper, 8 umbrella rope, 9 time, 10t knife, etc

[Specification]: the total length is 23.5cm, which can be adjusted to 26.5cm, the width is 2.5cm, and the high quality 7-core umbrella rope is provided

Field exploration, especially to explore the mysterious areas that our predecessors have never set foot in, may face the test of "life and death". At this time, an emergency rescue equipment has become one of the options for adventure enthusiasts. This nylon thread life-saving wristband flint provides you with survival and heating tools when you run out of ammunition. Even if you take it out of the house everyday, it will help you a lot at some critical moment.

If necessary, it can be taken apart as a piece of rope. In case of emergency, it can stop bleeding, make traps, tie up temporary tents, wear a suit of equipment to prevent loss and other functions, which can be used for emergency rescue! The diameter of umbrella rope is 4mm, and the pulling force of single rope is about 220kg. The single color bracelet is about 3.4m-4.4m long. The clasp also carries a high decibel survival whistle

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